Since 2011 Syria became a playground of a brutal civil war. Till the end of 2017 more than 400 000 people lost their lives and another 12 000 000 were forced to leave their homes.

In October 2017, after a 4 months long battle, the so called capital of ISIS – Raqqa was liberated, but fully destroyed. The whole population (around 300 000 people) of the former economic center of the region was forced to flee. Many of them find new homе in refugees camp as Ain Issa camp – a place without conditions to satisfy even the simplest human needs.

Now, some of the civilians try to return, but face demolished houses, mined buildings and misery. Even the-well paid employees before the war now live on bread and tea.

The “lost generation” includes the children who grow up with no education, families and future. The 9 years old Dozan is one of the “gasoline boys”, forced to sell petrol for just 50 cents per day, not enough even for food. His father was killed by ISIS, his mother and brothers are missing. His dreams do not include toys but only memories of the life before.

Meanwhile many people try to continue their everyday life. In Qamishli, the Kurdish fighter from YPG Masoud has just few days to marry his long-standing love Heven before he goes back to the frontline of Deir ez-Zor. Optimistically, he believes in the future, the peace and the independence of Syrian Kurdistan.

The [ Rojava Diaries ] project brings together several stories from the war-torn northern Syria in a short video narrative.

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Prayer for rain

Every summer for 25 years a group of men in Dolni Voden neighborhood of Asenovgrad perform a particular ritual.

Bulgarian citizens, including World War II veterans, gathered at the Red Army monument in the capital Sofia on Wednesday to mark Victory Day.

The graffiti are the true face of the city. For sure the grey walls of Sofia would not have so many stories to tell if they weren’t painted.

This says the graffiti artist with the nickname Punto, who has been practicing this art for 12 years.


Arosanti is the materialized idea of italian arquitect Paolo Soleri’s city of future. This utopian looking place host young artist and architects from all over the world. They come here to seek knowledge and inspiration and to participate in different workshops and courses. They practice sustainable way of living. Arcosanti’s main income is ensured by the production and sell of bronze bells.

On a relatively rainy morning in Leon, Nicaragua we head to the headquarters of Vulcano Day, relatively excited for what was to come – climbing active, slightly bad tempered volcano only to slide down by something similar to a last century sledge. As soon as our guide Saaid started his welcome words smiles rose upon peoples’ faces – this guy knows his job! We drove in a truck with 8 more enthusiasts and fellow travellers and while exchanging stories we reached our goal – covered in ashes Cerro Negro. The scenery around is just unreal – lush green vegetation all around and in the middle death, black hump. Safety briefing, goggles, gloves, backpack, board, and let’s go! Roughly 45 minutes hike and once you’re on top the sweat waisted is absolutely worth. You put on you minion costume, tied your bandanna, sit on the sledge and just hit the slope. 30 seconds of poor fun! In the end your shoes are fool of volcano, smile is ear to ear and the only thought is can we do it again!

Thanks to the cooperation of Alaska University of Fairbanks we gained access to the largest and most powerful high frequency array in the world – HAARP. This place has been involved in some of the most absurd conspiracy theories, claiming that it’s a powerful tool for controlling the weather or even the minds of people.

The remarkable artists from the Ritual Maya performance in  San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico

This is definitely one of the most spectacular roads you can ever drive on. The scenery is simply breathtaking. Just beside the road we met Daniel Johnson and spoke about the challenge he’s been up to for the past four year – walking all the way from New York to Prudhoe Bay. He’s biggest concern is what happens when you’ve already reached your final goal.

Apart from the rocky terrain, vast canyons and all shades of red color, Utah offered us some really authentic sense of wild west. We accidently visited a rodeo and had the chance to chat with young adventurous and brave men dedicated to idea of preserving their traditions

The landscapes that Utah offers at each glimpse are absolutely psychedelic. You can easily loose sense of distance and scale and find yourself wondering if you are still inhabiting same old planet Earth. Last frame was captured during the Eclipse on 21st of August.

There are only 11 people leaving around the so called village of Wiseman, but it feels much more alive and welcoming compared with the grey scale and severeness of Prudhoe Bay. Our crew spoke with wiseman Jack, who lives alone in his cabin, surrounded only by the northern wilderness all year round.