My name is Georgi Ivanov Kozhuharov and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I work as a freelance documentary photographer, covering stories from war zones and focusing on humanitarian problems. I am driven by my desire to engage the audience with visual compelling stories, uncovering issues of global importance.

Below you can find a brief description of various documentary projects I have carried out the past years.

“In the Eye of War” – Aleppo, Syria

At the end of 2012, I went to the Syrian city of Aleppo, where the civil war was in one of its most critical phases. I spent six days on the frontline in Aleppo, along with the Syrian rebels and Islamic militants from various al-Qaeda divisions. The project was awarded with 1st Prize at BG PRESSPHOTO competition, as well as the big prize of the Canon competition (photo of the year) as well as the gold medal of the Academy of Photographic Art in Bulgaria and the prize of the Union of European Journalists.

“Protester’ faces” – Sofia, Bulgaria

The beginning of 2013 in Bulgaria began daily mass anti-government protests that lasted over 380 days. The story I shot during protests titled “Protesters’ faces” was accepted as part of the permanent collection of the Sofia City Gallery and some of the photos were published in the New York Times.

“The long Balkan journey” – Balkan Penisnsula, Europe

In 2014, I worked mainly on a photographic project covering Syrian refugee wave to Europe. I followed the refugee way through Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. Some of my pictures were published in National Geographic, Al-Jazeera, Magazine De Nieuwe Liefde, De Persdienst, and Amnesty International.

“War in the East” – Donbass, Ukraine

In the year 2015, I went to the Donbass region in Ukraine to cover the military conflict between the Russian separatists and the Ukrainian army. In addition to my photographic project from Ukraine titled “War in the East” in the Donbass region, I also shot my first short documentary movie with the same name. My movie was broadcast on the biggest private Bulgarian television and my photography project was displayed in galleries in Sofia, Varna, Budapest and Bratislava.

“Glimpses of man and nature”- North and Central America

In 2016, I started working on a multimedia project titled “Glimpses of a man and nature” that tracked humanitarian, social and environmental stories in: Alaska, USA, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, San Salvador and Costa Rica. My essay was awarded with 1st prize for Photo Journalism Abroad, in the annual competition BG PRESSPHOTO

“Rojava Diaries” – Rojava Region, Syria

At the end of 2017, I went to Northern Syria in the region of Rojava to work on a multimedia project about the former capital of the Islamic state, the city of Raqqa. The short documentary movie about the region of Rojava in Northern Syria called “Rojava Diaries” was awarded with the special prize at the annual festival in Sankt Petersburg in 2018.

“Finding shelter, finding peace” – collection

At the end of 2018, I was invited by the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg to expose my photographic project “Finding shelter, finding peace”. The project “Finding shelter, finding peace” contains pictures of people in areas of conflict or humanitarian crisis, who somehow have found a peace and normalness, even only for a moment